2022 is in full swing! Maintain your momentum with these hand-picked tips n' tricks.
Mid-year regroup: 3 must-see articles you might have missed
10 teamwork tips custom‑built for 2022
From deep insights to tiny tweaks, here's how to supercharge your collaboration game in an ever‑changing world.
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18 virtual team building activities and games for 2022
This isn't academic theory or some stuff we just made up. This is how real remote teams have fun and stay connected.
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Why performance reviews are different in 2022
Your yearly review should be an opportunity, not a chore. Drop the posturing and have some real conversations.
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Across the Atlassiverse and beyond
🧭 We're inspired by challenges to the status quo. As you look back on the year so far and plan for the next half of 2022, ask yourself if any policies need to be revisited. Check out "The Death of Process" (h/t NOBL) for ways to disrupt routines that may not be serving you.
🚫 Ban these words and phrases! The Content Marketing Institute queried the speakers for their upcoming Content Marketing World conference – including our very own Sarah Goff‑Dupont – for loathsome jargon they'd like to do away with. Sarah's contribution? Learnings. Bless her. 🙏
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What did you love, loathe, learn, long for?
What did you love, loathe, learn, long for?
The 4 Ls is a retrospective technique where you identify what you loved, loathed, learned, and longed for in a project. Using this simple framework, you can reflect on your work and improve as a team.
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The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.
The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.
– Paulo Coelho, Brazilian writer best known for his novel The Alchemist